Sunflood Creative Interview

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1 What products and/or services do your company provide?
2 In what type of industry is your business?
3 Who are your main competitors?
4 What do you like/dislike about your competitors?
5 How do you currently reach your customers?
6 Describe your target audience (age, gender, job titles, income group, geographic location, etc.)
7 Describe your most important customer/user benefits. How will your business improve their lives?
8 What makes your business/product unique?
9 Where is the brand going or, more practically, where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
10 What is your brand tagline/slogan (if applicable)?
What is the feeling you want your business/product to convey? Please tick all that apply.
Conservative Progressive Professional Interpersonal
Fun Serious Traditional Innovative
Masculine Feminine Casual Formal
Energetic Laid Back Trendy Classic
Spontaneous Orderly Loud Quiet
Solitary Popular Unique Familiar
Young Old Fresh Established
Wealthy Natural Minimalistic Decorative
Informal Corporate Elegant Bold
Rustic Sleek Romantic Neutral
Other (please specify)
12 Are there any brands in the same category as your business/product that appeal to you?
13 If you could choose only one simple message the customer will remember, what will it be?
14 Budget (if applicable) 
15 Schedule/timeline 
16 Technical specifications (if applicable)
17 Colour scheme (if applicable)
18 Corporate standards/guidelines (if applicable)
19 Personal likes/dislikes