Why we love Wrike

As a studio manager I’ve been searching for quite a few years in order to get the perfect project- and studio management tool. I have literally tried dozens of different programs and although many of them have merit, not one offered solutions to all of our problems. I can’t even remember how we stumbled upon Wrike, but it has proved to be the best all-round performer in the area of project- and studio management. Here are a few of my favorite features:

  1. Folders: You can literally create and add as many folders as you like in Wrike. This can be used for projects, CRM, templates, business documentation – and best of all: tasks can reside in as many folders as you like. When you update it in one folder, it will dynamically update in the rest of the folders. Dragging and dropping is a breeze!
  2. SortingĀ and prioritising: Wrike offers numerous options for sorting (e.g. by due date, title etc), but my favourite is by Priority. This allows me to look at all the tasks for each employee in the studio, and manually override dates if a priority moves up. This way everybody knows what they need to do, and as a studio we are more productive.
  3. Dynamic Gantt Chart: This one is my favourite! After manually editing and moving Excel cells if a date changes, this is like candy. If there is a delay in a project timeline, for instance we have to wait longer for client content, I can easily drag the date forward and all the dependencies will stay in place and the entire project will adjust accordingly. Absolutely fantastic!
  4. Workload overviews: This takes out all the guesswork when a new project request comes in. No more taking risks and wondering if the studio has enough capacity to take on a new project – all the team members’ workloads can be seen in one space. If a team member is overloaded with tasks they can easily be dragged and reassigned accordingly. This ensures that all team members are engaged but not overworked and stressed out.

Now you know what goes on behind the scenes!